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Types of Cover

Life Insurance is used to provide financial security to your loved ones and your dependents in the event of your death.
My Life Quotes work with specialist life insurance companies who will be able to talk you through your personal circumstances in detail and tailor the level of cover that best suits your individual circumstances.
There are basically two types of life insurance or assurance.

Level Term

This will provide a fixed lump sum decided on the outset.  Level term life insurance pays out an agreed lump sum in the event of your death during a specified time frame. The level of cover you have will remain the same for the duration of your policy.

Decreasing Term

Designed to protect your mortgage payments or similar payments where the risk decreases as time goes on. Decreasing life insurance policies are generally used for insuring the outstanding balance of repayment mortgages in the event that you die before the balance is settled. For this reason decreasing term life insurance policies are sometimes referred to as mortgage protection policies or mortgage life insurance.When purchasing a decreasing term life insurance policy you choose the amount of cover you require and the length of the plan, the payments you make will remain the same over the term of the policy but the cash lump sum will reduce to reflect your decreasing mortgage balance.

Still Not Sure What The Best Policy Is For you?

It is best to take advice from a life insurance company who have qualified and specialist life insurance advisors.  My Life Quotes simplify this process in three easy steps just by filling out the form on the right and a qualified life insurance advisor will contact you to discuss your personal requirements.  They will advise on the best options on the market and tailor your life insurance policy for your individual circumstances.

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My Life Quotes make choosing a life insurance policy painless.  You are able to just enter your details and we do all the legwork for you.  We search and compare the whole market to find you the best policy and then fine tune the policy to you individual needs by putting you in touch with a specialist life insurance advisor.  This will save you hours of needless searching and comparing hundreds of quotes manually.
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An Introduction to Life Insurance

Life Insurance is basically a policy that pays out a premium to the beneficiaries when some one has passed away. This amount can be set at various levels according to each individual’s requirements. The premiums or payments for life insurance cover are dependant on many things. Some things to take into consideration are:- •    Age […]

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What is The Best Way To Get a Life Insurance Quote?

Life insurance is a competitive market.  There are so many leading brands you may know of such as Abbey Life, Legal & General, Equity and Law, Cornhill, Sun Life, Norwich Union, Irish Life the list can go on.  But how many are still known by there original names?  Well AXA own Equity and Law, Norwich […]

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